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Thessaloniki is often referred to as the “northern capital of Greece”. An important cultural and political center of the country with its own unique charm and attractiveness.

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Thessaloniki is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its architectural and natural wonders.. This amazing land is distinguished by its hospitality and friendliness. In addition, the warm and crystal water of the Aegean Sea allows you to have a wonderful time in Northern Greece.

You can visit this city at any season, both in summer and winter. In a relatively cold season, many festivals and carnivals take place in the city, meanwhile in the hot summer days local charming beaches are full of vacationers.


Every year a unique gastronomic event – a street food festival is held in Thessaloniki on a grand scale. Colorful Greek cuisine often uses fish, seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits to prepare various dishes. Moussaka, Dolmades, Gyros, Souvlaki, Greek salad and Tzatziki are the very favorite food in Thessaloniki. Desserts preferably contain honey, yoghurt, almonds, nuts and raisins. In Thessaloniki, breakfast is done with a baked roll called Koulouri and a cup of Frappé coffee. The city is also full of marvelous cafes, where you can taste refined ice cream.

However, Thessaloniki is famous not only for its fantastic gastronomy, but also for its breathtaking sights and landmarks. Among the most interesting places in Thessaloniki are the Fortress Walls of the city, related to the Byzantine period of Greece. This is a magnificent place, which gathers around itself lovers of antiquity. The Byzantine walls or Thessaloniki walls surrounding the city during the Middle Ages and until the late 19th century are now located in the upper town, in Castro. Here you can enjoy an astonishing panoramic view over the city.


The Arch of Galerius or Kamara – is another remarkable place, which is of great value for local residents. The arch is one of the oldest structures in the city, which is part of the Rotunda palace. Kamara and Rotunda were connected by a road that ran through the arch. The Rotunda is a massive circular construction that was a palace of Emperor Galerius, later a Mausoleum of Roman Emperor, then a Christian church and a mosque during Ottoman period. Now it is again the church of Rotunda and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  The mosaics of the 4th century are preserved in the Rotunda. In the 4th century the Rotunda received its name, dedicated to St. George – “Greek Orthodox Church of Agios Georgios”, however it is simply called the Rotunda.

There is a White Tower in walking distance from the Rotunda, right on the waterfront of Thessaloniki. The main architectural symbol of the city – the White Tower – is built on the shore of the Thermal Gulf. The White Tower of Thessaloniki has a museum of the history of the city, and the roof of the tower offers a stunning view over the blue surface of sea water.  You can also take a boat trip along the Thermal Gulf in Thessaloniki every day.

Traveling in Thessaloniki can not be complete without the visit of the Roman Forum, also known as Ancient Agora. In ancient times this amazing area served as a place for shopping. Once upon a time there was a real market full of merchants. Later, the Agora was transformed into a center of social, political and cultural life. There were passing meetings and bright theatrical performances on the square. In the Roman period of Greece in the territory of the Agora were performed spectacular battles of gladiators. Today it is an open-air museum, reminiscent of the past, filled with stormy events of life. TRAVELGREECE invites you to visit beautiful Thessaloniki and offers you the best prices for hotels of all categories. You can find Thessaloniki All Inclusive and Family Hotels, corresponding to your pocket and preferences.


The modern center of the city – Aristotelous Square – is located very close to the Ancient Agora. There are white neoclassical buildings with a semicircular facade and a lush arcade on the square. One of the best luxury hotels of Thessaloniki is located on the square. Here you can visit the Olympion cinema, which annually hosts the International Film Festival in Thessaloniki. Just a few steps away from the Olympion stands the bronze statue of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great. Among the students there is a belief that if you rub the big toe of Aristotle, then you will become smarter. Therefore, this part of the statue shines brightly. At the intersection of the Aristotelous Square with the Tsimiski Street is located a huge flower clock. Above, at the intersection with Egnatia Street, a marble statue of Eleftherios Venizelos was erected. In the major avenues (Tsimiski Street and Mitropoleos Street) there are numerous fashionable boutiques, where the coolest brands are presented.  There are shops with more democratic prices on the Egnatia street. Along the square itself there are cafes, taverns and bookstores. Countless taverns with traditional food are located on the picturesque Ladadika district. On the outskirts of the city there are big shopping centers. Thessaloniki attracts with its narrow streets, stone paths, ancient buildings and restaurants with national cuisine. In the evening hours the waterfront is equipped with illumination and from the coastal cafeterias a stunning view of the glowing city opens. In order to spend a carefree vacation in Thessaloniki, we invite you to check the list of our hotels. We offer you the best Business Hotels, Boutique hotels in the center of the city and hotels located near the airport of Thessaloniki. Those who are interested for economical vacation, can see our list of budget hotels.

Get lost in the streets and experience the romance of this town..

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