Thessaloniki is often referred to as the “northern capital of Greece”. And perhaps it is not a coincidence. It is not only the second largest and significant city in Greece, but also an important cultural and political centre of the country with its own charm and attractiveness.

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The historic center of Thessaloniki
The historic center of Thessaloniki is divided into quarters, each of which can boast with its special historic place: Ladadika, Ano (Upper) Ladadika, Frangomahalas, Kapani, Navarinon, Rotonda, Agia Sophia, Lefkos Pirgos (the White Tower). The center of the city is considered to be a triangle involving the Aristotelous Square, the Square of Ancient Agora, as well as the pedestrian street of Aristotlous.
Thessaloniki is very convenient for walking and exploring the city, you just need to find on the map the central road arteries that pass through the city center, that include those of Tsimiski, Egnatia, Nikis, Mitropoleos, Venizelou and Agio Dimitriu (St Demetrius) avenues.
Ano Poli
Ano Poli is the heritage listed district north of Thessaloniki’s city center that was not engulfed by the great fire of 1917 and was declared a UNESCO heritage site by ministerial actions of Melina Merkouri, during the 1980s. It consists of Thessaloniki’s most traditional part of the city, still featuring small stone paved streets, old squares and homes featuring old Greek and Ottoman architecture.
In the district of Ano Poli there are such significant historical and cultural sites, as Heptapyrgion (Seven Towers), Church of Osiou David (St David), the Church of Agios Nikolaos Orfanos (St Nicholas Orphanos), the Church of Taxiarhon (St Archangels), Vlatadon Monastery, Church of Profitis Ilias (St Prophet Elias), and other monuments.
Southeastern Thessaloniki
The quarter stretches from Vasileos Georgiou (king George) Avenue till Kalamaria area. There are mansions of rich residents of the city of the 19th century, which in the early 20th century were suburban villas. Kalamaria area, once populated by refugees from Asia Minor (1922), now is considered to be one of the affluent areas of the city.
North-West of Thessaloniki
The areas of Evozmos, Neapoli, Sikies, Stavroupoli, Ampelokipi, Ano Iliupoli are the gateway to the city center. Here are the old and new railway stations of Thessaloniki and the Intercity bus station (KTEL Macedonia).
The famous Moni Lazariston (Lazarists Monastery) is located in the North-West of the city in Stavroupoli, built in 1886 by the monks of the Order of St Paul Vincent (their headquarters are located in Paris in the church of Saint-Lazare). Today the monastery is acting as cultural center of Western Thessaloniki and it is famous for its art exhibitions, concerts, the theatre performances.
In Ano (gr. upper) Iliupoli there is an area of 0.5 hectares with the botanical garden with 1000 species of plants.

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