The island of the Knights

Rhodes island is situated in the Aegean Sea,  
with the nickname "The island of the Knights", 
named after the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem 
who once conquered the land.

You can visit Colossus of Rhodes, 
one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. 
The Medieval Old Town of the city of Rhodes 
has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Featured Hotels

Faliraki is considered to be one of the island’s most famous areas among tourists. It stays about 12 km away from Rhodes Town. Its well-organized beaches with developed infrastructure and feasts of bars, restaurants and cafés make this place very popular with young people.
Lindos village sits 47 km away from Rhodos city, on the Western coast of the island. Many think this place is one of the most beautiful and scenic of the island. The maze of cobbled streets, whitewashed traditional houses gradually lead you up to the local Acropolis with the breathtaking view.
Lindos beach sits not far from the village of the same name, on the Eastern coast about 50 km from the Rhodes city. Soft golden sand, shimmering violet and emerald sea sheltered by hills dotted with attractive whitewashed houses – all together add to the majestic air of the place especially at sunset. Lindos beach offers everything necessary for comfortable and carefree pastime and its shallow waters make it perfect for children. There is also the bay of St Paul not far from this place. The saint was supposed to have landed here once, hence the name and the small chapel dedicated to him.
Pefkos (Pefki)
The small village Pefki, all in pine groves, is located about 5 km from Lindos village and 50 km from the island’s capital. Sandy beach, deep blue sea and serene atmosphere attracts those who would like to escape from hustle and bustle of a big resort.
Today’s Ialyssos sits 8 km off the Rhodes city on the site of the ancient city, that once was one of three most important great city-states of the Rhodes island. The hill of Filerimos still keeps the fragments of the ancient temple dedicated to Athena. A small village with traditional houses and old monuments, with small Byzantine church will most certainly attract attention not only of a history fan but also anyone who wants to feel the local air.
The pebble beach of Ialyssos with scenic landscapes is within a 10 min walk from the eponymous village. This beach with well-developed infrastructure is particularly loved by the windsurfers.
Another place that also attracts surf enthusiasts is the beach of Ixia. Besides, it is set not far from the Rhodes city. Today this modern pebble beach with the developed tourist infrastructure can offer many different water sports facilities.
The small resort of Kremasti is set within 12 km from Rhodes Town. This lovely place is famous not only for its beach (though it is a pebble beach) but also for its close proximity to the Valley of Butterflies.
Kalithea is one of the most beloved resorts of Rhodes that is greatly favoured by photographers. Kalithea is popular not only among visitors but is also much appreciated by the locals due to baths built by the Italians in the 1930s. And a nearby cove is the target of many scuba divers.
Tsambika beach has taken its name after the nearby monastery. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and is quite popular with families. Though a little bit remote, the place is always full of guests who are attracted by its golden sand and warm turquoise sea. By the way, several days a year Tsambika becomes overcrowded not only by locals but also by women from different corners of the world. It is believed that a barren woman has only to climb barefoot 300 steps to the tiny Byzantine church of Panagia Tsambika to ensure pregnancy. As a result many of the island’s children are named Tsambikos or Tsambika, depending on their sex.
Prasonisi, the southernmost end of Rhodes, is located 90 km from the capital. This name means “green island”. On July and August the place becomes paradise for windsurfers thanks to so called “meltemia”, trade-winds. Kiotari
Sand-and-pebble beach of Kiotari is especially loved by children. What makes this place so attractive is the handful of watersports on the beach. Gennadi
The pebble beach Gennadi sits about 70 km from the island’s capital, Rhodes Town. It is quite a distance from the beach. Monolithos
A small picturesque Monolithos village stays 73 km from Rhodes Town. This traditional village built in the shape of amphitheater takes its name from the giant rock with a venetian castle on its very top. It was built in the 15th century. You can also visit the chapel of St. Panteleimon inside the boundaries of the walls. Fourni beach sits 3 km from the village. Theologos (Tholos)
The picturesque village Theologos or, as its often called Tholos, is located 20 km from the capital of the island. Its well-developed tourism infrastructure and sandy beaches attract windsurfing fans as well.

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