Rehymno borders with provinces of Chania on the west and Heraklion on the east. Spectacular mountains, caves and picturesque gorges with rare rivers make up a fascinating picture that was created both by nature and man. Rethymno is the main town of the province.

Testimonies for the existence of the city 
exist since the 5th-4th c. B.C.

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The majestic Rethymno

Crete is a picturesque and spectacular island with a rich history, surprising with its architecture and unique natural beauties. Clean, fresh air, bright sun, emerald sea and smiling people – this is how enthusiastically we can describe the wonderful land.

Venice … Who has not heard of it? One of the most famous cities in the world and, undoubtedly, the most famous in Italy. But what does it have to do with Crete? It turns out that they have much in common. The destinies of Venice and Grd eece are firmly bound by the single past: the Venetian possessions stretched far beyond the Apennine peninsula, and Crete has belonged to Venice for centuries. The magnificent narrow cobbled streets of Rethymno, as before impregnated with medieval charm and fairy tale atmosphere, still remind of those glorious times. However, the western Crete is famous not only for the Venetian heritage. The amazing beauty of Rethymno’s nature attracts many travelers, and Kournas Lake, that gives rest, coolness and is stretched in a mountain valley, is truly a unique phenomenon for hot Greece.

Romantic city-port of Rethymno is one of the most marvelous cities of the island, in which many historical monuments have been preserved. Fantastic embankment, cozy beaches, charming local color and narrow streets made Rethymno a pole of tourist attraction.

We invite you to stroll along the Cretan Venice – the city of Rethymno, admire the natural beauty of Kournas Lake and taste Greek cuisine in a traditional tavern.

Rethymno has unique philosophy, here you can experience the atmosphere and grandeur of ancient culture.

On the splendid Crete, there are many massive mountains, the peaks of which are piled one after another and there is no end to them. At the top of the mountains, the sky seems so close that you can reach out with your hand. Impressive and ancient ruins, visiting which you can imagine what the island looked like in the past.

Some people call the town an open air museum, which shows all the originality and uniqueness of the locals.

Cretan cuisine is a rich Mediterranean cuisine, in which the culinary traditions of ancestors are preserved to this day. The dishes are a gourmet’s paradise; connoisseurs of a good table highly appreciate it.

Delicious puff pastries, layered with custard, sweet curls, Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts, soft porous pies – here it is happiness!!!

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We prepared for you a list of the best beaches in Rethymno, where you can relax in an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

Rethymno has a very well-organized sandy beach of 12 km long. It lies west of the city.

Bali is a group of four different beaches located on Bali Bay. This setting provides a good protection of the place from winds. You can also find different water sports facilities there.

The spectacular beach of Preveli is popular not only among foreigners but also among Greeks. The local landscape is dominated by small waterfalls and a river that crosses the coast and falls into the sea. The whole picture of the place is accomplished by the embedded palm trees.

Plakias beach lies on the Southern part of the island, 32 km off the capital. And from the local fishing village you can have a breathtaking view to the boundless sea and the beach of sand and pebbles.

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