Rehymno borders with provinces of Hania on the west and Iraklion on the east. Spectacular mountains, caves and picturesque gorges with rare rivers make up a fascinating picture that was created both by nature and man. Rethymno is the main town of the province.

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Beaches of Rethymno
Rethymno is a well-organized sandy beach of 12 km long. It lies west of the capital city. Bali is a group of four different beaches located in Bali bay. This setting provides a good protection of the place from winds. You can also find different water sports facilities there.

The spectacular beach of Preveli is popular not only among foreigners but also among locals. The local landscape is dominated by small waterfalls and a river that crosses the coast and falls into the sea. The whole picture of the place is accomplished by the embedded palm trees.

Plakias beach lies on the Southern part of the island 32 km off the capital. And from the local fishing village you can have a breathtaking view to the boundless sea and the beach of sand and pebbles.

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