The oldest town

This is the oldest town, dating from the 3rd century BC.

According to ancient Greek mythology, 
Psychro Cave is the birthplace of the supreme Olympic sky 
and thunder god Zeus.

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Mythical Lassithi

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If you want to discover the traditional Crete, then you should definitely visit charming Lassithi. This is an incredibly picturesque place: old houses, narrow streets, good-natured people and colorful taverns with delicious food. The Greeks are great gourmets who love a hearty, flavorful and savory meal. Greece – it’s more than a thousand names of wines, a lot of sorts of cheese, countless dishes from fresh seafood, sweet oranges and the best olives in the region. Dishes cooked by Greek chefs are always unique, original and healthy. However, Lassithi is famous not only for its cuisine, but also for its wonderful nature. In Lassithi there is one of the most beautiful bays in Greece called Mirabello. It attracts the eye and fills with admiration everyone who has ever visited the bay. There are astonishing views, crystal water and fresh air over Mirabello. A favorite place for lovers of ecological rest! On the north-eastern coast of the bay is the largest town of the region of Lassithi named Agios Nikolaos. This is the oldest town, dating from the 3rd century BC.  A small lagoon, lake Voulismeni, is located at the center of the town. This lake is mentioned in many ancient myths, according to which the goddesses Athena and Artemis swam in Voulismeni. Two city legends are also associated with the lake. The first says that Vouliagmeni has no bottom, and the second that the lake is connected with a volcano on the island of Thera (Thira).

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The Lasithi Plateau is 850 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the Dikte range, reaching an altitude of 2148 meters above sea level. The locals consider themselves descendants of the very first Cretans who survived the eruption of the Santorini volcano, believed to have destroyed the Minoan civilization 3600 years ago.

Psychro Cave (Diktaean Cave) is located in Lasithi. The mountains, of which the cave are part, are known in Crete as Dikte.  The Cave is one of the popular attractions of Crete. They call it the cave of Zeus. According to ancient Greek mythology, the cave is the birthplace of the supreme Olympic sky and thunder god Zeus. An incredibly beautiful view of the entire Lasithi valley opens up from the cave’s observation deck.

There is a ceramic factory in Lasithi. A magical place, where unique works of art are created.  Specialists of the factory happily demonstrate their skills to each visitor and conduct master classes, after which everyone can fashion a vase or other item made of clay on a real potter’s wheel.

On the way to the Lasithi Plateau there is a holy monastery (nunnery) called Panagia Kera or Kardiotissa. The historical monastery is famous for its miraculous icon of the Virgin of the Heart dating from the 11th century, which helps women to find a long-awaited pregnancy and heal the sick. There are many cases of curing people suffering from various ailments.

Beaches of Lassithi

An exotic beach of Vai sits in the Northwestern Crete. It boasts one of the biggest palm woods in Europe. This unique blend of crystal clear water, soft sand and pebbles fringed by the palm trees makes Via very popular among visitors.

Elounda is a small and at the same time very attractive resort. It sits 11 km outside Agios Nikolaos town. Elounda offers several well organized sand beaches. This is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy peace and seclusion away from humming cities. Here one can also take a trip to the neighboring Spinalonga island.

Plaka beach is located not far from Elounda, in 5 km. This beautiful beach with sand and pebbles every time attracts a lot of visitors. Besides, it has a picturesque view to Spinalonga.

Xerokambos is a long sand beach with shallow and clear sea on the background of low hills and small olive groves.

The sandy beaches of Ierapetra resort (“Holy Stone”) have always allured visitors with pictures landscapes and crystal clear sea.

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