The heart of Crete

The capital of Crete sits between the provinces of Rethymno and Lassithi. This part of the island attracts visitors by its numerous beaches and historical monuments. A fertile valley occupies the central and northern parts of the province while the rest is dominated by the mountains.

In the years 3000 BC-1400 BC, the Minoan civilization, 
one of the first cultures of Europe, 
flourished on this island

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Alluring Heraklion

Travel to Crete is always a surprise, a discovery, knowledge of the new, amazing architecture, ancient culture, fun, bright sun, warm sea and evergreen forests. The pristine nature strikes with its beauty and immensity. Heraklion is especially wonderful in the spring: flowers bloom everywhere – you can enjoy the orchids, tulips and violets. The sun is warming up and the drops of dew are ringing on the green grass. Everything around is renewed, you just need to find yourself in Crete to see how nature awakens. It feels brighter and warmer from the golden rays, pink clouds of smoke float in the sky, you can endlessly walk through the flowering meadows and admire the Cretan valley.

Traveling to the pearl of Greece is an authentic holiday. You will always be greeted by smiling and cheerful Cretans, fed with a hearty meal, talked about literature and art with a glass of old wine. Crete is an island with rich wine making traditions, which are rooted in the depths of centuries. Many varieties of local wine are very popular around the globe.

Cretan cuisine is filled with an exquisite aroma and delicate, unique taste of Mediterranean dishes. You will have an exclusive opportunity to taste Greek fresh mussels, octopus, fish, shrimp and lobster. In Greece it is considered that the best olive oil in the world is on Crete. All delicious dishes are seasoned with olive oil and oregano. Cretans are also very proud of their goat cheese, which has a delicate taste. Cretan salad “Horiatiki” (cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, onion, crackers of black wheat flour) has become a classic and is present on the table of many nations.

Heraklion – the historical center of the island, is named after the son of the mythical god Zeus – Heracles.

Heraklion is full of historical monuments and unique landmarks.

The visiting card of Heraklion and the second most important sight of Greece after the Athenian Acropolis, The Palace of Knossos is more than just a masterpiece of architecture.  The beginning of the development of the Minoan civilization – the first civilization of Europe started here. Events of many ancient Greek myths unfolded in Crete. The most famous of the myths tells of a labyrinth and a minotaur imprisoned in it.

Castello del Molo (Koules) – the medieval sea fortress of the city of Heraklion is another magnificent sight of Crete.

Morosini Fountain (Lion’s Fountain) – marvelous fountain, since the Venetian era, located in the bustling landscape of taverns and restaurants. Here you can enjoy a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine and value the beauty of the fountain.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum – one of the largest museums in Greece and the best in the world, dedicated to Minoan culture. The exposition of the museum contains the main, most important exhibits related to the Minoan civilization of Crete. There are many other important sights in the city that attract tourists interested in the ancient art.

The city of Heraklion also attracts with its amazing fluffy beaches and calm azure sea. You should travel to Crete to get acquainted with its history, customs, to taste the best varieties of wine, to visit sights, Christian churches, ancient ruins, picturesque natural beauties and much more.


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We also prepared for you a list of the best beaches in Heraklion, where you can relax in an atmosphere of comfort and peace. Heraklion is famous for well organized beaches with soft sand and crystal water:

Amoudara, a sandy beach with developed infrastructure, seems to be perfect for families with children.

Matala is another popular well-organized sandy beach.

Komos, a big beach with gray sand and a picturesque landscape on the background.

Agia Pelagia is a lovely beach 20 km west from Heraklion. It is thought to be one of the best beaches of the island’s northern coast.

Hersonissos is the resort of several different sand beaches, some of which provide water sports facilities. Children will most certainly like the local aquarium. Hersonissos is a lively place with many bars, discos and clubs.

Malia resort is located 34 km West of Heraklion. It’s mostly favored by young guests and those who prefer party-like holidays. Endless beach, lots of bars, cafés and taverns like a magnet attract visitors from all corners of the world, especially from Great Britain.

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