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Chalkidiki is a region of Macedonia and is geographically the end of Central Macedonia in the Aegean Sea, which penetrates deep into it, forming three elongated peninsulas, giving the region its characteristic shape “Halkidiki’s feet”.

The ancient city of “Stageira” was the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle.

Each beach is an oasis in the eyes of the traveler
A unique paradise of relaxation and warmth

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Holidays in marvelous Halkidiki

Chalkidiki is the favorite European resort area, it is rich in sights, excavations, picturesque monasteries and old churches. To the tourist attractions can be related yachting, surfing, horse riding, golf and casino. The resort in general offers the most diverse types of holidays: a quiet family vacation, comfortable business trips, options for wedding travel, luxury rest and much more. You can easily find with us both Last Minute deals to Halkidiki & Self-Catering Holidays, and the coolest accommodation options for Luxury Holidays in Halkidiki.

Halkidiki can rightly be called the pearl of Greece.

This is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world and at the moment is one of the most environmentally friendly tourism centers. Almost all beaches of the peninsula were awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety.  This astonishing peninsula is like a paradise. Halkidiki is located on the northern coast of the Aegean Sea and consists of three small peninsulas – “fingers” (although in Greece these peninsulas are customarily called “legs”). The peninsulas are located one after another, the first finger is named Kassandra, then goes Sithonia and the last one is called Athos (Agion Oros). The length of the coastline of Halkidiki is about 850 km. The coast is covered with small coves, bays and gorgeous sandy beaches.

Mass tourism is most developed on the western peninsula, which is called Kassandra. The “first finger” has a very developed infrastructure, there are hotels on any pocket and taste in Kassandra. TRAVELGREECE offers you hotels of all categories: from five-star to budget apartments on the beach in beautiful Halkidiki. This amazing peninsula has a whole kaleidoscope of options for lovers of water sports and mountaineering. Supporters of gastronomic tours will be satisfied with the rest in Halkidiki as well

Lovers of a plentiful, lush, green nature, must visit the second finger of the peninsula, which is called Sithonia. According to mythology, the name of the peninsula is derived from the name of Seaton, the son of Poseidon. Sithonia is considered the most beautiful part of Halkidiki and is ideal for fans of combining beach holidays and walks in the mountains and forests. The charming beaches are sandy or pebbly and are surrounded on all sides by pine forests. The coast is rather meandering and full of cozy bays.  There are also children’s camps on Sithonia, campsites and studio apartments for Cheap Holidays to Halkidiki, Greece. In our hotel collection you can see all the offers for accommodation in Sithonia.

Finally, we want to introduce you the most mysterious of the three “fingers” – the peninsula of Athos. Civilization has not affected this place, mostly populated by monks. The holy mountain, magically rising above the sea (2,033 m), is covered with virgin forests and literally amazes imagination. Pine trees on the slopes of the mountains are reflected in the calm sea and give a certain uniqueness to the entire natural ensemble of Athos. It is a very beautiful and amazing place.

Since the Middle Ages, women cannot visit Athos and only a sea excursion around this holy place is available to them.


The peninsula of Halkidiki is very rich in sights and landmarks.

We want to recommend the most unique of them to visit! Perhaps the most popular place for tourists is the Cave of Petralona and the city of Nea Moudania. The unknown underground world and the frozen beauty of the caves attract those who are interested in everything that is mysterious and unusual.

Travelers are also interested in a cruise around the Holy Mount Athos. It is a cognitive cruise to the Orthodox monastic republic of Athos. The state with exclusively male population has lived for thousands of years according to church canons, sacredly preserving the traditions of Byzantine times.

Lovers of dreamy travel can enjoy Edessa and the sources of Aridea (Aridaia). It is a world of green hills, majestic waterfalls, mesmerizing with the beautiful parks and thermal springs, beating from the bowels of the earth.

Trip to Halkidiki can not be completed without visiting the famous Mount Olympus. You will journey into the old-world of Ancient Greece and will learn myths and legends about the glorious deeds of your favorite heroes.

However, the most remarkable landmark located near the peninsula – is the Meteora. “Floating in the air” rocks are a striking geological phenomenon. Visiting this grandiose place for a long time remains in memory.

That’s how interesting and exciting can be your journey to this stunning peninsula! And in order for your vacation to be full, carefree and ideal, you need to find the housing that suits your requirements. TRAVELGREECE can always find the best for you: All Inclusive hotels or last minute apartments! Here you can get acquainted with the entire collection of our offers. Book hotels through us and we guarantee you a happy and safe holidays.

Our priority is to make your vacation remarkable!

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