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An island in the Ionian Sea, with a history full of battles and conquests. Its capital has been officially declared by the greek government a Castle city.

A unique and magnificent picture for your eyes.

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The scenic village Gastouri is not far from Corfu Town. Its main attraction is the Achilleion Palace once being summer residence of Elisabeth of Bavaria. She picked up this place to find serenity and peace after her son’s death.

Kanoni is another picturesque place located 4 km off the capital. It has a wonderful view over the nearby Pontikonisi and Vlachernon monastery. It is said that the name of the place comes from the canon that was left here in 1789 by the French.

Lefkimmi is one of the several traditional settlements and lies in the Southern Corfu. Being located in a fertile valley Lefkimmi is full of olive groves and vineyards. This place is also famous for its churches and monasteries such as Agios Arsenios church and the monastery of Panagia Eleusa.

Pelekas is thought to be one of the island’s most beautiful places. It is located on the hill of about 220 m height. They say that from this place you can watch the most stunning sunrise on Corfu. Even Wilhelm II, the German Emperor, loved to watch it while he was staying here. As a proof locals can show you the exact place “Keiser’s Throne” where he used to sit. Besides, there is a lovely beach Glifada not far from here.

Paleokastritsa is another scenery resort that is very popular among guests. It sits in the Southwestern part of Corfu. Chilly clear sea, soft sand, olive groves backed with rocks and green hills create a unique atmosphere of this settlement. The place has started to develop its tourist infrastructure from 1950. Paleokastritsa is also well known for its wonderful and different beaches.

Among numerous beaches of the island any visitor can find a place that meets their mood and wishes.

Located about 16 km to the west of Corfu Town, Glifada has become one of the most popular beaches of the island that is often favoured by families. Soft sand washed along by the sky-blue waters of the pleasant sea surrounded by green hills together with the developed beach infrastructure can make you staying here carefree and unforgettable. In addition, there is a wide range of services for those who look for more active kind of holidays, such as water sports facilities, beach volley-ball, etc. If you are keen on golf there is a good golf course in the neighbourhood.

If you want to go to Corfu together with your family or friends, then you have a good opportunity to try Dassia beach. This blend of sand and small pebble is located 13 km off Corfu Town on the Southeast of the island. This beach is backed by lush, tree-covered hills. Perhaps this greenery is the origin of the name Dassia that literary means “forest”. The land slopes gently down to the sea, shallow and calm water make this beach suitable not only for children but also for visitors of different age.

Furthermore, Agios Stefanos beach is a perfect choice for those who look for quiet family holidays. This in a way remote place sits about 40 km away from the capital town in the Southern Corfu. Agios Stefanos beach with its thin pebbles is also adorned with hills and low rocks.

Usually overcrowded Ipsos beach is located 15 km off Corfu Town in the Southeastern part of the island. This sandy with pebbles beach is very popular among young visitors. Ipsos boasts a well-organized infrastructure and offers a wide range of services for water sports fans. Those who want to taste the local night life are welcomed to the numerous night bars, clubs and restaurants.

Lively Sidari with its sand and pebbles nestles 35-40 km away from the capital in the Northern part of Corfu island. Actually Sidari is three beaches that became one in the course of time. This beach with plenty of bars, clubs and entertaining centers, most probably, is not for those who look for peace and tranquility. It is always noisy and crammed here. There are many tunnels and caves carved in the rocks that embrace the beach. The most known is Canal D’Amour (“Channel of Love”). It is believed that anyone who manages to swim along it will soon meet their match.

A comparatively small beach of Kontokali sits in the Western part of the island, 8 km off capital. This place is favoured by those who appreciate more or less peaceful holidays. The beach is fairly well organized in terms of water sports facilities. Besides, its shallow water is safe enough for children.

Nissaki beach is a good choice for those who prefer quiet and at the same time picturesque places. It is located 24 km off capital in the North eastern part of Corfu at the very feet of Pantokrator Mount. There are a lot of tuck-away secluded bays along the coast that can satisfy any wish for solitude.

If you want to combine local flavour and quietness are invited to enjoy Kalami beach that lies along the Northeastern Corfu. Once, not long before the World War II burst out, Darrell brothers used to live in Kalami village. Today this place is the main attraction for those who wish to hide away from town hum and bustle.

Try not to confuse Agios Georgios beach (north) with another one located in the Southern part of the island. Sandy with pebble spots Agios Georgios is 35 km off the capital. This picturesque place is perfect for families. Still it is also favoured by windsurfers.

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