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Athens means a landmark not only in the European history but also in the world culture. Athens means a city of philosophers and commanders, sculptors and architects. It is a modern city, multi-facial and quaint.

One of the world's oldest cities

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Wonderful Athens

The capital you fall in love with, forever.

Athens literally attracts everyone who is interested in history, antiquities and archaeological excavations. The capital of Greece bears the name of the ancient goddess of wisdom and knowledge – Athens.

You can safely say that Athens – is the beginning of the civilized world, the foundation of the cultural world of mankind. In the center of the new city there are remarkable monuments of art. The Acropolis with its famous temples – Parthenon and Erechtheion  and numerous buildings of the lower town. The Acropolis of Athens is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Walking around the gorgeous Athens, you can sit in a cozy outdoor cafe and drink a glass of authentic wine, enjoying the sounds of jazz music. Athens is a storehouse of sights and beautiful streets with incredible arches. At the building of opera and ballet you can plunge into the world of classic music. Museums and galleries are at your service. Greece is a country of bright summer nights, colorful apricots and sweet pomegranates.

Athens has the best gastronomic tours in the world, during which you can taste exquisite dishes of the national cuisine – the famous Feta cheese, delicious olives and sweet oranges. Greek Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most delicious and highly valued among gourmets. All the food is incredibly flavorful and juicy. The dishes are mostly prepared from fresh beef or pork, traditionally there are a lot of greens and organic vegetables.

The enormous size of the brilliant Museum and its remarkable architecture make this place enjoyable. The new Acropolis Museum, the inauguration of which took place in June 2009, includes exhibition halls in which original masterpieces of ancient art are presented.

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People from all corners of the globe go to Athens for the beauty of nature,  the charming Acropolis, the temples, old churches, narrow streets and amazing sights. Extraordinary Athens has it all.

Travel with us and you will find out what a paradise vacation is like!

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