Hania takes the Western part of Crete, so do not be taken aback when you hear it is called the “Western Crete”. It borders only with Rethymno. As tradition goes, the main town of the province has the same name of Hania. Though tourism here keeps developing at a great pace the place is still to be discovered by the mass tourism. However a lot of guests may find it a great advantage.

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Beaches of Hania
Elafonisi seems to be one of the most popular Western beaches of the island. It boasts pink sand and shallow water.

Falassarna is another remarkably beautiful sandy beach of the island popular for its spectacular sunsets. It sits in the Northwestern Crete.

Agia Marina is a long sandy beach suitable for young people as well as for families with children. The beach also provides different water sports facilities.

Many visitors see Balos beach as one of the most picturesque places on the island. It is located at the very end of Gramvoussa peninsular. Balos owes its attraction not only to the location but also to the white and pink sand that covers the seabed. This gives to the water its marvelous deep emerald hue.

Kalives sits about 19 km East of Hania. Scenic beach, beauty of the place, its relaxed rhythm are the main attractions of the place

The sandy beach of Frangokastello village, doubtless, will attract those who come to enjoy sun and sea in quiet and serene ambience. It owes its name to the well-preserved Venetian castle. The place is also famous for an unusual optical phenomenon called Drosoulites (gr. dew). Once a year early in the morning the ghost army from the remote past seem to approach the castle walls. It is rumored that sometimes even voices and sounds of the weapons can be heard.

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